• Born and educated in Sydney, Margaret has always loved sketching, and, although desirous of pursuing a career in art, or, as a second choice, architecture or medicine, parental guidance steered her into occupational therapy, where she topped the course. Working  at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, she designed and launched the first Rehabilitation unit in Eastern Australia
  • With 3 children, for several years she was receptionist / nurse in her husband’s medical practice.
  • Further study gave her a Science Degree with Honours in Geology and Dip.Ed.
  • She taught Science, then lectured in Geology for several years before remarrying and moving to the Northern Rivers.

About Art

  • 1987     Margaret’s initial steps in oil painting were at a workshop by Eric Minchin.
  • 1989 – 95   Introduction to a variety of techniques and media through Ballina Art Club tutorials
  • Since then, as an artist, she  has worked mainly alone, with occasional inspiration from workshops or tutorials by notable tutors .
  • Is essentially a traditional painter, with a love of the outdoors, which takes her to many localities and  she is never happier than when setting up her easel by the roadside, or sitting on a log, sketching or painting.
  •  Is most versatile in style and in the use of media, choosing oils, pen and wash, watercolours, acrylics,  pastels,  charcoal or mixed media,  as the occasion appears to demand.